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A single, beautiful unvaried tone.

Daisya Barry
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colored monotone
Character Name: Daisya Barry
-Special Skills: Perfect Pitch, can speak English and Mediterranean languages. Gymnastics, high endurance and limited up close fighting skills.
Room Number: M-01
Shrink: --
Picture: Here
Item List: Here
RPOOCMunProfile + LayoutCodes Physical Description: Daisya is small and lithe, height unknown (stands to Kanda's shoulder), but clams to be 169cm. He is a good example of a member of the Mediterranean race, dark brown-short and kept messily, as if he grew it out, it might have been curly hair, dark green eyes and skin the color of tea with a bit too much milk in it. He has a very expressive face, though at first some people might be shocked by him, at best calling him exotic at worse calling him ugly. His eyes, can best be described as snake or feline-like, with slitted pupils and irises. Underneath each eye, is a dark violet-almost black in some lights-fang like marking that trails down his face and stops mid-cheek by his nose. His nose is of the aquiline type.

His body has minimal muscle tone to it, as if he has trained to make himself stronger but stopped the second any bulk might of appeared, most of his strength obviously lying in his legs.